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Eagle Heights Services is a subsidiary of Eagle Heights Real Estate, Inc. a United States registered licensed brokerage corporation having offices in New York City, U.S.A.  Eagle Heights Services provides assistance to companies seeking funding for their large commercial projects.  Through us, or contacts with a vast base of investors and leaders, Eagle Heights Services assist with  the initiation and development of business relationships upon request by project principals.  It is done through us or Eagle Heights Services matches the client with the most appropriate financiers, venture capitalist and partner of joint ventures.


Eagle Heights Services can develop multifaceted benefits for it's clients who are qualified to obtain financing of hundred of thousands of dollars or several million dollars for most feasible profits regardless of the global location of the project.  We have the capability to service varied business projects.  We work with companies to ensure complete disclosure, comprehension and comfort with terms of the developed business relationship. Professionalism and efficiency are our priorities.

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Where you decide to put down roots is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make.

[This company was founded in May 2002] 

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